HauteRobe is proud to feature the artworks of Daryl Feril, a Philippine-based graphic designer and illustrator. His illustrations for DFS in 2013 catapulted him into international attention. Since then, he has been receiving numerous awards and recognitions.


Daryl utilizes both traditional and digital media in his art. His subjects are often chaotic blend of foliage, animals and women, with hand drawn sketches mix with dramatic colours. 


He has been featured in magazines and books such as: Book of Creation, BG Magazine Ecuador, Computer Arts, Digital Arts, Vulture Singapore, Preview Magazine and Stache Ph, Fashion Exposed: Graphics, Promotions & Advertising, 2013, Sandu Publishing, Vector Illustrations, 2013, Monsa Barcelona, Asian Creatives, 2014, Ubies Tokyo, Making Splash: Graphics That Flow, 2014, and Victionary.