The 12 Saddle Bags Limited Edition, created by John Galliano to celebrate his tenth year as head designer at Dior since 2007.

This limited edition collection of Saddle Bags has 12 bags and each one of them represents a country: France, USA, UK, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Morocco, Japan, India, Egypt, China and Argentina.

“The story behind the Saddle bag creation is a great example of how haute couture ideas can enrich another lines of ready-to-wear. Nowadays, years after its creation, the Saddle Bag, is one of the most wanted bags” – John Galliano


The 12 Limited Edition Dior Saddlebags - Source
The 12 Limited Edition Dior Saddlebags – Source


Fashion designers roam the globe in search of ideas, but a few years ago John Galliano toured the Valley of the Kings in Egypt by a hot-air balloon!
Galliano was inspired by his travels around the world to create the collection and each piece was designed with special characteristics from the country it represents.

Galliano’s choice of an unconventional vehicle wasn’t just to indulge him his latest whim. The slow-moving aerial view of northern Africa set in motion a train of random associations, from the bas-relief postures of the Egyptian pantheon, which led to belle-epoque corsetry, to the poses favoured by the photographer Richard Avedon, which became Dior’s Spring 2014 Couture Collection – one of Galliano’s most celebrated to date.

He does not only travelled for fact-finding missions about the shopping habits of his global customers, his modus operandi is total immersion. He learns and get inspired by firsthand experiences. Thus, he favours traditional sleeping mats or shabby old palaces in remote villages than fashion-friendly boutique hotels. Galliano is known as not your average designer. He’s not your average tourist either.

As Galliano celebrates his 10th anniversary at the design helm of Dior, he turned his travel experiences into a limited-edition collection of 12 Dior saddlebags, each representing a particular rich stop on his global trot. In the span of a colourful decade, Galliano’s creations have referenced indigenous Peruvian headgear, Masai chokers, Tibetan topcoats and Tyrollean dirndls. The new range of bags however, are more streamlined, with a simple one-country, one-bag approach.

It might look as if Galliano is taking the easy route by commemorating his decade with bags instead of high-concept high jinks. Leather goods are cash cow for any luxury fashion house, and the saddlebag, the jewel in Dior’s leather-goods crown since it first appeared in 1999, has done its part: it’s shape and giant “CD” hardware trickled down from a couture collection dedicated to the English sporting life by way of “The Matrix.” It was shown with bondage boots and fishermen jackets turned into dresses. It was the first bag Galliano created here at the house of Dior. Fans of Galliano’s esoteric couture are always asking that Dior give it a spin to go with a particular collection, hence becoming a classic and a slideshow of Galliano’s every trip.

The bags are in Dior boutiques around the world. While there may be more than a hint of “It’s a Small World” to Galliano’s anniversary accessory collection, it’s quite clear that, for him, there’s nothing small about it at all.

Alexandra Marshall, New York Times – Content Source

Get to know all the 12 Limited Edition Saddle Bags Collection!


“China and its millenarian culture fascinates me. I wanted the majestical mandarin dragon over the coral fabric
reproduced in this bag and also on the logo, where I used jade and coral stones” – John Galliano

'China' Dior Saddlebag
‘China’ Dior Saddlebag


'China' Dior Saddlebag
‘China’ Dior Saddlebag


'Argentina' Dior Saddlebag
‘Argentina’ Dior Saddlebag



About the Mexican Saddle Bag “I wanted a one hundred percent etnical bag
but with a touch of modernity” – John Galliano

'Mexico' Dior Saddlebag
‘Mexico’ Dior Saddlebag



'Egypt' Dior Saddlebag
‘Egypt’ Dior Saddlebag


'Egypt' Dior Saddlebag
‘Egypt’ Dior Saddlebag




'UK' Dior Saddlebag
‘UK’ Dior Saddlebag




France inspired Saddle Bag: “Marie Antoinete, spouse to the King of France Louis XVI, was in love by the toile de jouy
printed fabric and that was where I got my inspiration for this bag. The pearls are equal to the same she used to wear.
The letters on the logo are made of porcelain with hand painted flowers” – John Galliano

'France' Dior Saddlebag
‘France’ Dior Saddlebag




“I’m in love with Spain. The flowers with strong colours represent the passion
for flamenco traditional dance and also the bull fights” – John Galliano

'Spain' Dior Saddlebag
‘Spain’ Dior Saddlebag






'Morocco' Dior Saddlebag
‘Morocco’ Dior Saddlebag




'Japan' Dior Saddlebag
‘Japan’ Dior Saddlebag




'India' Dior Saddlebag
‘India’ Dior Saddlebag


'India' Dior Saddlebag
‘India’ Dior Saddlebag




'USA' Dior Saddlebag
‘USA’ Dior Saddlebag




'Russia' Dior Saddlebag
‘Russia’ Dior Saddlebag


'Russia' Dior Saddlebag
‘Russia’ Dior Saddlebag



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